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Stay ahead of the elephants. that way you get the freshest pickings without getting trampled.

Elephants are smart, and they know where the food and water is across long distances. But they are slow, and move in a herd. This creates opportunities for careful observers to know where they are going and get there first.

McKinley's competitive advantage is our commitment to remaining a small and focused firm. Our operational principal is to identify market opportunities early and seize opportunities at the right time in the curve to realize exceptional returns with minimal risk. When the large institutions enter our investment strategy and compress returns below a point we believe warrants the risk—we move on to a better strategy in the cycle. We do not press ahead with a strategy just because it's a hot or popular idea. McKinley's philosophy is to try and exit a strategy that is overheated, even if that means exiting early

A fully integrated real estate firm that uniquely combines hands-on operations management with investment fund administration.

2007 - 2008

During the 2007-2008 economic downturn, McKinley was a first mover in buying distressed land assets—with a strategy to acquire high quality, undervalued assets. Our strategy did not rely on a return to prior market levels to realize the assets intrinsic value.


By 2009 McKinley was a first mover acquiring foreclosed homes as rental properties. When the largest institutional players entered our markets, McKinley nimbly pivoted to other peripheral markets to stay ahead of their buying power that was driving up prices and reducing potential returns.


In 2012, McKinley identified that large master planned communities opportunities in California were disappearing near core markets—particularly master plans with their development approvals already in place—which will lead to new housing shortages. In 2014, McKinley acquired the Canon Station master planned community in Fairfield, CA—a market on the key commuter corridor between the Bay Area and Sacramento, the state capitol. And we are in negotiations to acquire a second key master plan.


In 2016 our work with homebuilders revealed that there were many small, quality projects in the hands of private builders that were not being brought to market due to a gap in the capital markets. McKinley launched the "Development Capital Fund" to seize the opportunity to realize exceptional returns in well located, quality project in undersupplied markets.


McKinley's extensive investment experience and market knowledge allows for quick and efficient decisions. With our commitment to conservative values and disciplined underwriting McKinley can make decisive investment decisions. This allows us to seize compelling opportunities ahead of others in the market, enabling us to buy right and realize exceptional returns for our investors.


With over 150 years of collective real estate experience and over 9,600 residential units of real estate development, investment, and construction experience, McKinley's principals understand the intricacies and challenges that project sponsors face. The principals have served in executive positions with some of the leading development, homebuilding, and financial service firms in the industry such as Catellus Residential, Citibank, Lennar, and Morgan Stanley Real Estate.

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